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It’s okay to ask for help.


Are you struggling to expand your business operations? Are you and your team constantly fighting to achieve aggressive company goals? No one likes to admit defeat, but there will be times when challenges like these can become overwhelming for any leader. During these formidable times, it’s important for every leader to know... it’s okay to ask for help.

Hiring a performance development consultant can be the right answer for your business. As a dedicated resource focused on enhancing your company’s performance, an outside consultant can help bridge the gap between your business’s current state of affairs and its continued future success.

Here are three reasons why you should consider hiring a performance development consultant:


1. “Only new actions will bring different results.” - Billy Cox

If your business results are stagnant and/or your employee performance is complacent, it’s time to take a different course of action. Hire a performance development consultant to identify the root cause of mediocre or poor performance, update your processes and make recommendations to elevate performance for breakthrough results.

2. You need an outside perspective.

Consultants have the benefit of a fresh and unique perspective. From operational analysis to best practice recommendations, an outside consultant can help your business implement creative solutions for challenging situations.

3. It’s cheaper than hiring a full-time employee!

In our current day and age, hiring a consultant has become one of the most cost effective options for companies looking to improve their bottom line. Consultants require no health and dental benefits, no paid time off and no company perks. You also avoid long-term employment commitments.

If your workforce is in need of guidance or assistance with improving performance, contact Lincoln Barretta Consulting at (877) 595-0005, via email at info@lincolnbarretta.com, or click the 'HELP' button.

- Luis Jimenez, Managing Partner, Lincoln Barretta Consulting Group LLC

About Luis Jimenez

Improving employee performance is Luis’ sixth sense. As a record-setting leader in sales, lead generation and debt collection at multiple organizations including Bank of America, MBNA America, Renewal by Andersen and Suez North America, Luis has specialized in performance management, employee motivation and leadership development for nearly 20 years.

Learn more about Luis' extensive experience and how to reach him on LinkedIn:

If your workforce is in need of performance improvement or a professional mentor, contact Lincoln Barretta Consulting at (877) 595-0005 or via email at info@lincolnbarretta.com.