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Case Study


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Case Study

Increasing Sales Appointments and Sales Demos


The Client

INDUSTRY: Retail Home Improvement

MARKET: Northern New Jersey

SERVICE: Appointment Setting



The Challenge

In an effort to increase sales, a retail home improvement company in New Jersey hired Lincoln Barretta Consulting to help their marketing team increase their daily number of appointments set. The challenge was two-fold:

  1. Improve the overall quality of the appointment setting process

  2. Increase the total number of sales demonstrations (Sales Demos) by increasing the marketing team’s appointment setting results



The Solution


The Results

As illustrated in the graph below, the appointment setting solutions implemented by Lincoln Barretta led to a significant increase in the following quality metrics:

  • Appointment to Demo Rate increased from 65% to an astounding 85% within 90 days (+20%)

  • Lead to Demo Rate more than doubled from 25% to 53% within the same time period (+28%)


Appointment Quality


Consequently, total sales demonstrations (Sales Demos) increased from 72 in Month 0 to 126 in Month 3, equaling a 75% increase (see graph below).


Sales Demos



The Conclusion

As a result of the implemented solutions, Lincoln Barretta was able to increase the total number of Sales Demos by 75% and significantly improve the Demo Rates for the home improvement company within the first 90 days.

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