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School Administrators…

Looking to open or expand your charter school operations?

Lincoln Barretta Consulting has the expertise to help your charter school achieve its growth goals. With extensive marketing and community outreach experience, Lincoln Barretta is a trusted growth resource for numerous charter schools throughout the United States.


Our Growth Expertise

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Student Recruitment

Charter schools thrive when their student enrollment levels meet and exceed their target growth goals. On the same note, charter schools with stagnant or low enrollment levels cannot meet their charter requirements.

If your school is in need of more students, contact Lincoln Barretta now. We possess the expertise and employ the necessary level of urgency to help your school rapidly increase its student recruitment results.


Community Outreach

Looking to open a new charter school or want to expand your operations to a new territory? Lincoln Barretta can help you achieve these growth goals.

Having successfully assisted multiple charter schools with gathering the necessary support to grow and expand, Lincoln Barretta is the premiere choice for charter schools in need of achieving quantifiable community outreach goals and grassroots advocacy.

Contact us to discuss your school’s community outreach goals and how we can help you achieve them.


Social Media Marketing

Social media is one of the most powerful marketing tools for charter schools.

If your school’s current social media strategy isn’t increasing your student enrollment or your social media administrator doesn’t have an effective marketing plan to attract new students and parents to your school, you need a change. At Lincoln Barretta, we have the expertise to effectively market your school and increase your student enrollment via social media.

Don’t waste anymore valuable time, contact us today and start attracting new students to your school immediately!


Email Marketing

A well positioned and written email can be a catalyst for any community outreach and marketing strategy.

Lincoln Barretta’s email marketing strategies efficiently and effectively connect your school with potential new students, parents, community based organizations, strategic partners and decision makers.

Contact us and let’s discuss how we can be the catalyst for your school’s growth.


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We Help Charter Schools Grow!

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