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About Us…

Founded in 2017, Lincoln Barretta Consulting is a business to business professional consulting firm providing business growth solutions to sales and nonprofit organizations looking to achieve and exceed their target growth goals.

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An Array of Expertise


Our Solutions…

Lincoln Barretta’s business growth services include community outreach, marketing consulting, sales consulting, canvassing, social media marketing, digital advertising, student recruitment, reputation management, project management, workforce management, front-line leadership and management development solutions.



A Strategic Approach


Our business expertise spans two very large, distinct industries. As a result, we strategically crafted two independent, yet collaborative consulting structures that allow us to effectively serve our diverse clientele:


Lincoln Barretta Profit

From home improvement companies to traditional retail, our sales division, Lincoln Barretta Profit, provides sales organizations with professional leadership and sales growth solutions that include outreach marketing, telemarketing, sales appointment-setting, canvassing, front-line leadership, management development and interim management.

Lincoln Barretta Community

Lincoln Barretta Community helps schools and nonprofit organizations achieve their community outreach goals. Whether a local or regional charter school is looking to increase its student recruitment numbers or a nonprofit charity is seeking to increase support for its cause, our collaborative community outreach solutions are strategic and effective in resolving these challenges.





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