Outreach Marketing Solutions
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Community Outreach

We Have the Expertise. And the Resources.

Community Outreach is a large, cumbersome task that involves lots of moving pieces and many unexpected challenges. Lincoln Barretta thrives in this realm. Our team has extensive experience canvassing, cold calling and email marketing for leads, surveys and petitions. We have the necessary resources, knowledge and experience to execute a successful community outreach plan for any organization.


Cold Calling

In need of cold calling efforts for your community outreach to local constituents, businesses and politicians? Let Lincoln Barretta do it for you.

Our professional consultants are highly experienced and extremely effective at contacting, communicating and engaging community-based organizations, elected officials, business leaders and local constituents.



Boost your door-to-door marketing results with Lincoln Barretta. Our team has significant experience with canvassing and community outreach marketing.

We recruit, interview, hire, train and manage professional canvassers. If your organization is experiencing community outreach challenges, we can definitely help!


Email Marketing

Writing, sending, and tracking hundreds of outreach emails on a daily basis can be a tedious, time consuming task. So let Lincoln Barretta deal with it!

We’ll create an effective email marketing campaign. Execute it. Respond. Track the results. And report them directly to you. This way, you can focus your efforts on the ‘bigger things’.