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Expand Your Marketing Reach

Meeting your organizational growth goals requires more than hard work. It requires an effective marketing strategy that implements multiple marketing channels to expand your company’s reach.

Lincoln Barretta excels at one of the most effective, yet least implemented marketing channels: Social Media. We develop social media solutions that help companies market, survey, recruit and generate leads on a consistent basis.


Social Media Management

If your organization’s current social media accounts are idle or aren’t yielding consistent results, that means you lack an effective marketing plan that actively employs social media to attract new business.

At Lincoln Barretta, we have the knowledge and expertise to digitally market and attract new business via Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn for profit and nonprofit businesses such as charter schools, home improvement companies, law offices, and many more.


Digital Surveys

Digital surveys are an effective and efficient way to:

  1. Generate sales leads

  2. Garner community support for nonprofit organizations

  3. Gather data from your target audience

At Lincoln Barretta, we know how to effectively utilize social media to produce surveys that meet our clients needs. Contact us today to get started.


Lead Generation

Having MULTIPLE marketing channels is crucial for growing businesses. Outside of the traditional telemarketing, canvassing and event marketing channels, it’s critical for every business to implement social media as an additional marketing channel that promotes brand awareness and generates leads.

Contact Lincoln Barretta today to discuss how we integrate social media as an additional marketing channel that produces new leads for your business.


Brand Awareness

When a local customer wants to purchase a product that your business sells, will they find you first? If a parent searches for a better educational option for their child, will they find your school first?

Brand awareness may not be instantly quantifiable, but it has a powerful impact on businesses, daily.

Our team utilizes social media as a branding tool to increase awareness of your brand, putting you at the forefront of your potential clients’ minds.


Digital Recruitment

When searching for a new job opportunity, the vast majority of people start their job searches online.

Lincoln Barretta effectively integrates recruitment into our social media strategies. We have strategies that help organizations:

  • Recruit front-line employees

  • Recruit students and interns

Our Methodolgy

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They [Lincoln Barretta] spent their time and energy really understanding our business and helping us grow.
— Jeffrey Ephraim, Attorney at The Law Office of Di Giovanni & Ephraim
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We Help Businesses Expand Their Reach

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