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Case Study

Student Recruitment

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Case Study

Increasing Student Recruitment Results


The Client

CLIENT TYPE: Charter School

MARKET: Central New Jersey

SERVICE: Student Recruitment



The Challenge

In an effort to fill available seats and increase their student enrollment number, a charter school in New Jersey hired Lincoln Barretta Consulting to boost their student recruitment efforts. The challenge was two-fold:

  1. Locate parents with students in the target age group (K-8) and target area (Central NJ)

  2. Attract and recruit the targeted parents to the charter school for enrollment



The Solution


The Result

As illustrated in the graph below, 121 potential new students were located and recruited by Lincoln Barretta within the first 30 days of our recruitment efforts.


Student Recruitment



The Conclusion

In conclusion, as a direct result of the implemented solutions, Lincoln Barretta was able to make an immediate impact and significantly increase student recruitment for our charter school client by identifying and recruiting 121 potential new students within our first 30 days alone.


Lincoln Barretta Consulting
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